Yasemin Baturgil

Legal, Administrative, Supply Chain Professional, 5+ Years on Wall Street, Capitol Hill, and Legal Sector

Accomplished high-caliber professional in the process of relocating to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, seeking employment with a solid company to apply skills and further professional career. Exceptional decision making ability, attention to detail, and ability to work in a stressful and fast paced environment. Versatile background acquired through work experience on Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the United Nations, and the legal sector, as well as extensive world travel to ten countries over the past two years. At ease working with and in different cultures, learning languages, communicating, and negotiating, subsequent to years of Turkish, Russian, and Italian language study. Exceptionally developed negotiation, process implementation, conflict resolution, budgeting and planning, adaptability, and communication skills during world travels. Conversant and experienced in legal research, drafting legal memorandum, proofreading and analytical skills, litigation, arbitration, procurement, various computer programs, and drafting client correspondence. Strong knowledge of economics, international relations, and supply chain. Focused dedication to staff support and client satisfaction, making a positive impact acting as both an avid team player and as an independent worker. At ease with deadlines, high pressure situations, and handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Last Resume Update May 11, 2018
Address Ronkonkoma, New York
E-mail ybaturgil@gmail.com
Phone Number +1 6312912782
Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasemin-baturgil-b4279b75/


The Hart Agency
Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model
Apr 2018 - Current
Optimizing sales by marketing products at different venues across Long Island.
Stony Brook University Hospital Purchasing
Contract Paralegal and Procurement Apprentice
Jun 2017 - Current
-A versatile position providing both legal and procurement experience. Legal knowledge acquired from previous paralegal positions is used to complete paralegal work on projects in Stony Brook University Hospital's Purchasing Department, reading and analyzing hundreds of contracts, legal documents, and procurement documents. .
-In addition to legal experience, exposure to Supply Chain has been incorporated into the position, providing the preparation and skills equivalent to that of a Procurement Officer. Acquired extensive knowledge on general procurement and purchasing processes, generating Purchase Orders and understanding the roles of a buyer, equipment, commodities, contract negotiations, process optimization, vendor relations, inventory management, sole sources, single sources, bidding, and the differences between public and private sector procurement processes. The work done in the Purchasing Department involves the public sector, abiding by New York State Procurement Guidelines and New York State Finance Law.
-Currently the sole paralegal managing two hospital projects alongside a Senior Contract Officer who is the Project Managers, creating and updating Contract Status Report and Mailing List spreadsheets, and following the status of outstanding documents. Skills in Excel implemented to produce efficient mailing to vendors by creating skeleton codes within the spreadsheets.
-Maintain frequent communication with hospital executives and vendors. Weekly meetings are held to touch base on the projects' progression to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
-Analyze all Business Associate Sub-Contractor Agreements, Consent to Benefit of Use, Consent to Assignment, Data Use Agreements (DUAs), Affiliations, Capital Leases/Equipment Leases, Property Leases, Grants, Assumes by Stony Brook University Hospital, Employee ContractsIndependent Contractor Agreements, Group Purchasing Organization Contracts (GPOs), etc.
Forster and Garbus LLP
Litigation Paralegal
Aug 2016 - Jun 2017
-Worked on cases for clients such as Citibank, Capital One, Discover, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, etc.
-Drafted motions such as Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion for Default Judgment, Motion to Compel, and Motion to Place on Pro Se Calendar.
-Drafted litigation documents such as Notice of Entry, Notice of Trial, Preliminary Conference Requests, Requests for Judicial Intervention, etc.
-Worked strictly for one attorney for the majority of my employment, occasionally helping out other attorneys if the workload exceeded support staff availability.
-Answered calls from opposing counsel or outside counsel for the attorneys if they were to call my line and transferred the calls.
-Freelanced many motions as per the allowance of my attorney for maximum legal education and experience. All edits made on original templates were made subsequent to my own investigation of the file (i.e. The Defendant filed an Order to Show Cause to vacate the judgment filed against them claiming they were never served the Summons and Complaint or that they did not live at the address at which the Summons was served. Subsequent thereto, I would run an Accurint Search via the debtor’s social security number to verify the validity of their claim. If said debtor was lying in their Order to Show Cause, I would incorporate my investigation findings into the motion and attached the search results as an extra exhibit.
-Drafted various kinds of stipulations of settlement and discontinuance
-Redacted and reviewed all account statements and other credit card and student loan documents to ensure all account numbers, FICO scores, Social Security Numbers,
-Worked with “AS400” computer software, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel to keep track of cases and note activity.
-E-filed documents onto NYSCEF
-Regularly spoke with Courts regarding cases and trial dates, as well as any issues that arose
DeMartini & Yi LLP
No-Fault Paralegal
Oct 2015 - May 2016
-Worked on No-Fault arbitration and litigation cases, defending insurance companies such as Maya Assurance, Fiduciary Insurance Company of America, Kemper Insurance, and State Farm
-Mastered “Time Matters” case management software and Microsoft Outlook
-Answered and transferred incoming phone calls to attorneys and fellow support staff
-Regularly spoke with and emailed clients, plaintiff’s offices, courts, and American Arbitration Association
-Drafted conciliations for arbitration defenses and discovery responses for litigation defenses
-Conducted legal research for cases through no fault adobe files provided by the clients, extracting necessary medical bills, NF-10 denials of claim, and other supporting documents for the defense
-Reviewed Plaintiffs’ Summons and Complaints, opened the new incoming cases, and drafted Answer and Demands
-Drafted documents such as Notice of Entry, Notice to Admit, Expert Witness Disclosures, physician affirmations, and affidavits, which strengthened my writing abilities and ease with legal documents.
-Negotiated and settled both litigation and arbitration cases for the handling attorneys, received settlement stipulations and sent to clients to issue payments.
United States House of Representatives
Intern for Congressman Tim Bishop
May 2013 - Aug 2013
-Answered constituent phone calls, mastered constituent phone call organization through the software “iConstituent” and put said phone call discussion information into the software, assuring each constituent at the end of each call that their voice is being heard and talk on behalf of the Congressman.
-Sorted mail and acted accordingly if mail was applicable to intern duties.
-Lead constituent tours of the Capitol Building subsequent to memorization of a plethora of historical facts as well as the tour route around the building and the general grounds that comprise Capitol Hill.
-Conducted research for the Congressman’s staffers (Each official staff member for the Congressman’s office focused on a specific area of policy and constituent/district concerns.
-Drafted a broad range of correspondence to constituents.
Buckman Buckman & Reid Inc
Junior Associate
May 2012 - Aug 2012
-Spoke with potential investors in the stock market and connected the calls to stock brokers.
-Qualified potential investors, speaking to them about their involvement in the stock market and giving the information to stock brokers.
-Worked on Microsoft Word and Excel, retyping and proofing briefs and inserting data into excel sheets.
-Performed general administrative duties for the stock brokers.
The United Nations
Grassroots Participatory Advocacy Apprentice
May 2010 - Aug 2010
- Traveled to Washington, D.C. alongside a Grassroots team of Turkish Americans to speak with Congressional District Representatives on various policy decisions and resolutions being run through Congress.
- Gained strong communication and lobbying experience, learning firsthand about the political process in the United States and United States foreign policy, with an emphasis on U.S-Turkey relations.
-In addition, I was introduced to foreign policy processes at the United Nations in New York, where I participated in a panel regarding indigenous peoples.


Pennsylvania State University
Graduate with Bachelor of Arts
Aug 2011 - May 2015
Bachelor of Arts in International Politics
Concentration in International Political Economy
3 Levels of Russian language study

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